Title and Name of Award

Title and Name of Award

The titles of the various awards are as follows:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with options in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management and Marketing.

Awarding body

The awarding body is the University of Nigeria

Eligibility for an award

  • To be eligible for an award of the University, a student must have:
  • Registered with the University as an Distance and E-earning Programmes student for the relevant programme of study
  • Satisfied the requirements for the relevant award and complied with the regulations for the programme concerned in all respects
  • Made satisfactory payment to the University of all due fees and accounts.

Note: The University reserves the right not to grant the award to a student who fails to satisfy any of these conditions.

Parity of award standards

This programme of study is developed and approved by the University of Nigeria, to the same standards and requirements as would be applied in University of Nigeria.

Learning materials are written and examinations are set and marked by academic staffs employed or chosen by the University of Nigeria, who are required to apply the University’s academic standards.


Students graduating with a University of Nigeria award will receive two documents: a final degree certificate, and a statement of result. The final certificate will indicate date of the award by the University of Nigeria, incorporating the University of Nigeria logo and signature of the Registrar. The statement of result will state exactly the Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) whereas a transcript describes the nature, level and content of the programme that has been successfully completed, including list of courses taken and marks achieved as well as the overall classification. It also provides further information about the method of study