Examination Malpractice

Examination Malpractice

The University of Nigeria in her bid to restore the dignity of Man, frowns at all forms of examination malpractice. The University Senate therefore has mapped out stringent sanctions for all forms of examination malpractice.

Any student caught impersonating, cheating during examination, found to have cheated or aided and abetted examination malpractice before, during and after examination would be made to appear before the Examination Malpractice Panel and face whatever sanction that follows.

Procedure for Investigating Alleged Examination Malpractice

  1. Any student caught for any examination offence is to be reported to the invigilator in the hall immediately.
  2. The invigilator shall fill the examination misconduct forms reporting the case to the while the student is made to write his/her statement on his/her involvement. Thereafter, the student shall continue the examination.
  3. The invigilator then reports to the programme coordinator
  4. The Examination Malpractice Panel will then invite the student to the panel, reads out the offences alleged to have been committed by the student and give the student opportunity to defend himself/herself sequel to his/her earlier statement
  5. The Examination Malpractice Panel then forward their consideration to the Senate for consideration and approval.
  6. The student may appeal against the decision within 14 days of communicating the decision to him/her through the programme coordinator through the Director to the Senate.

Examination Offences and Sanctions

S/N Offence Sanction
1. Examination leakage Student –Expulsion

Staff- Dismissal

2. Illegal possession of the answer scripts by student Expulsion
3. Examination scripts with more than one handwriting Expulsion
4. Staff complicity in multiple handwriting Dismissal
5. Possession of Illegal Materials relating to Examination inside the Examination venue Suspension for four semesters
6. Involving a mercenary in writing examination Expulsion of all concerned
7. Impersonation Expulsion of all concerned.
8. Student assaulting an invigilator Expulsion
9. Harassment of a fellow student for not cooperating in the examination hall Suspension for the academic session
10. Falsification of identification means Expulsion
11. Giraffing Suspension for two semesters
12. Exchange of scripts Expulsion of all involved
13. Non-Submission of answer script Suspension for one academic session
14. Falsification of official documents such as course registration forms, school fees receipt etc Expulsion